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The Jason Crane Show #010: Sonny Rollins and Emily Toder

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This episode features saxophonist SONNY ROLLINS and poet EMILY TODER.

You can buy Emily Toder’s book Science here, and you can listen to and purchase the audio version here.

Here’s the video of the song I played between the two segments:

The Jason Crane Show #009: Nicole Agostino and Peach Dumars

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This episode features Nicole Agostino on Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and Peach Dumars of Yogafly on the origins and modern practice of yoga.

The Jason Crane Show #008: Auburn Indian Music Ensemble & Cotton Seed Studios

Listen to this episode using the player above.

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This episode features Raj Chaudhury of the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble in the first half; and then Richard Patton and Rob Slocum of Cotton Seed Studios in Opelika, Alabama.

Upcoming performances for the Auburn Indian Music Ensemble:

  • April 18th: ‘A Little Lunch Music’ performance at the Jule Collins Smith Art Museum at noon.
  • April 22nd: Final concert/recital, Goodwin Recital Hall, Auburn University, 6 p.m.